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Trans Continent Logistics - Services

We aim to becoming the leader in our sector through innovation, dedication and superior returns.
Our philosophy is that if you succeed we cannot fail.

Services for Export/ Import Business

We believe there is opportunity for us to have a working partnership focused on a complete logistics services such as:

Freight Forwarding Export/ Import

Air Cargo/ Air Consol -We offer simplified, direct, IATA airline exportation from India - around the clock and around the world.

We have a worldwide network of approved associated agencies, available to assist in collection of traffic from suppliers abroad and preparation and dispatch of shipments from any foreign airport, direct to your chosen destination.

Sea Cargo FCL/ LCL - We can offer our expertise in arranging FCL, LCL and conventional shipments of even the most awkward loads to any port or inland destination - throughout the world.
We have a worldwide network of approved, associated agencies, available to assist in originating shipments from any port or inland city abroad.

International Courier & Parcel Services - We offer same-day (VIP) overnight and economy air services to every point in India, 24 hours each day, seven days a week.
The most-urgent smaller traffic can be carried worldwide at a moment's notice, offering door-to-door delivery - and often at more-economical rates than might be anticipated!

Custom Clearance Export/ Import - Through our investment in state-of-the-art electronic equipment, linked to all airline and Indian Customs systems, we operate round-the-clock clearance of import & export shipments to all Indian airports. Through our association with leading independent clearing agencies at other Indian airports, we can also offer equally - competitive clearance facilities at other Indian airports.

Product Sourcing - As your sourcing partner for India we keep you informed of any future sourcing or project opportunity.
Partner with us to minimize your risk of doing business with a diverse and large Indian market. Lakshya Sourcing - Simplify Procurement from India

Advantages from India - India presents to the world a profile of an emerging giant. As the seventh largest country in area and second most populous country in the world, the country's sheer size (with low labor costs), economic weight, stable political system explains the level of attention from potential investors and corporate buyers. Apart from IT services, India's vast manufacturing base includes chemical and pharmaceutical products; textile, leather and clothing; machine tools and electrical equipment. With the second largest railway network in the world and a vast coastline with established sea ports, the country is turning into a top destination for low cost, high value goods and services. All you require is the experience and insight to ensure that your company can establish and expand India sourcing operations strategically.
Our advantage as per -
That's LCBS.
Let's get your India needs solved!

Marine/ Transit Insurance - Our insurance department, working with approved expert brokers, is always available to provide competitive premium quotations for the insurance of any air-freight/ sea-freight cargo transportation risk.

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